About Us

Welcome to Rosie's Pantry. 

I firmly believe that homemade is best. 

I strive to make all our food with fresh, natural local ingredients in the healthiest way possible to deliver wholesome, great tasting provisions. 

Vegan products are also available on request.

Please call for full details  of our product range including wholesale.

Where to see us next

Rode Hall Farmers Market, Rode Heath,01/02/20

Love Bollington Market 9/02/20

Fresh Soups


Take the Pledge to Eat More Veg

See today's range of fresh soups, all handmade in small batches in our kitchen. Approx 620ml per pot

Vegan,Gluten and Dairy Free

 Only £2.95/pot 

Low in Salt, no added sugar

Cheese and Herb Flat Breads


Wonderfully delicious, soft and light.

Packed full of cheesy goodness.

Lovely with the Soups. Only £1.25 each

NEW, we have our Gluten  range of Flatbreads, just as delicious Only £1.25 each

Scottish Minty Macaroons


A naughty little treat.

Minty centre coated with dark chocolate and toasted coconut. Only £2.95/Packet

Tasty Treats

Scottish Tablet


A yummy sweet caramel flavoured sweet. Made to Grandma's recipe




Our Delicious homemade quiches.

Made with our very own free range eggs from

 Rosie and Bernie,

 Starting  from £2.00 each. Depending on size

Cheese Biscuits


Want something very tasty and a bit different to have with our homemade soup? A family recipe for really flavoursome biscuit made with  mature cheddar. Only £2.50/packet

This months Soup Range From £2.95 /600ml

Spicy Carrot and Lentil Soup

Roast Tomato and Red Pepper Soup

Curried Parsnip and Apple Soup

Of course our soups change with the season so enjoy the soups of the moment. We also offer our Meal Deal.  Choice of soup and a delicious cheese and herb flat bread or our Soda bread bowl

Seasonal Vegetable Soup

Flourish Fabulous Famous Soup

 We wanted to produce a range of delicious home made soups which are full of flavour and packed with fresh wholesome ingredients, sourced from around Britain to create unique flavours and deliver great everyday health benefits. 

Sweetness and Light

 Our homemade, light as a feather, gooey inside Meringues!  Or why not try our naughty Scottish treats, Scottish Tablet made to Grandma's recipe and our Minty Scottish Macaroons covered in 85% cocoa solid chocolate with a toasted coconut topping. 

Good Food Good Health

 What better way to compliment our delicious range of soups than our home made cheese  & herb flatbreads, soda bread bowls, Cheese and Beer bread or our cheese biscuits.

We also have our Oaty Ball Surprises, packed with fresh veg(Vegan)or our  Mediterranean Oaty Surprises filled with fresh Veg and a Mozzarella centre. Delicious Hot or Cold. Tasty and nutritious.